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Flying Career

Moonair is the largest and most experienced school in Israel for those which fling is more than a hobby for them, and seek a career as pilots. Moonair’s professional program enables combining training with gathering required flight hours along with challenging career opportunities.


The path to a flying Career:

1. Pilot’s License:

– minimum 40 instructional flight hours

– total of 125 flight hours

– 7 theory tests

2. Instruments Rating:

– minimum of 20 practical hours

– 20 simulator hours

– total of 250 flight hours

– theory course + test

3. Commercial License:

– minimum 30 instructional flight hours

– total of 500 flight hours

– theory course + test

Employment Opportunities:

Pilots with commercial license can find jobs in Moonair as pilots and gather essential flight hours needed to proceed from one stage to the other: aircraft transfer, flying passengers and more.


4. Instructors License: (optional)

– 40 instructional hours

– 3 practical tests

5. Multi Engine Rate (Group B):

– 10 instructional hours

– theoretical and practical tests

Career In Moonair:

We are proud to employ our graduates and give them the opportunity to gain experience and gather the most needed flight hours. Our graduates can integrate in various fields:

– fun and romance flights

– photography flights

– VIP flights

– experiment flights

– cloud seeding flights (exclusive for moonair)