Flight School

Moonair is the largest and most experienced school in Israel for those which flying is more than a hobby for them, and seek a career as pilots. Moonair’s professional program enables combining training with gathering required flight hours along with challenging career opportunities.

Flying a plane is many people’s dream – we can make it come true! In Moonair you will find the perfect conditions for flight training: diverse and professional team of instructors, large fleet that enables high availability of planes, help and support with theory an bureaucracy and an operations team always ready to help and assist that will make you smile. We open the door for you to the exciting world of aviation, and will escort you every step of the way to your dream.

Our Instructors

Moonair's team of instructors is chosen carefully and made up of the best flight instructors in civil aviation in Israel – many of them are air force graduates and others are successful pilots, many of which grew and trained in Moonair themselves.

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Formation Flying

One of the most amazing experiences for civil pilots is flying in formation.
Formation flying is the disciplined flight of two or more aircraft under the command of a flight leader. Moonair has developed a unique and exclusive course for formation flying.

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