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flight school

In Israel it is possible to issue flying license from the age of 17. Flying studies include 2 main stages: theoretical and practical:


Theory stage:

a mandatory theory course in class or on the computer and 7 theory tests taking place at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


Practical stage:

these are the actual flying lessons with a flight instructor. This stage requires a minimum of 40 instructional flight hours. Usually it takes more than 40 hours of flying in order to be ready for the CAA test at the end of this stage.


Starting to fly

Only 2 things are needed to start flight training:

1. Medical examination by an authorized flight physician.

2. Student license – a temporary license given bi CAA for the period of flight training. In order to receive the temporary license you need to fill an application form at CAA and attach 2 passport photos. CAA is located in Air Port city.

Reception of public hours are:

Mon, Tue, Thu – 09:00-12:00

Tel: 03-9774500/1/2/3

The license will be sent to your home address after a month or so, but you can start your training from the moment you submitted the request and had your medical examination.


Pilot’s License

authorized pilots can rent plane and fly without the presence of an instructor. Pilots can fly planes in Israel and abroad.


Getting started

Contact us and schedule an introduction flight of 30 minutes in which you hold the steering wheel with an instructor to your right. Felt good? Start training and the introduction flight is on us!


Flight Instructors

Moonair gathered the best flight instructors in civil aviation in Israel – many of them are air force graduates and others are successful pilots, many of which grew and trained in Moonair themselves. Chosing your flight instructor is possible, or we can assign you an instructor making sure it is a fitting match to your satisfaction.



Commercial Pilot License
If you wish to continue training – the second stage after issuing your pilots license is the commercial lisence.
– pilot’s license
– total of 250 flight hours
– theoretical and practical tests

Flight Instructor’s License
3 instructor programs are available:
1. CFI – regular flight instructor
2. CFII – instruments instructor
3. MEI – multi engine instructor (requires oral test only)

– commercial license
– medical certificate
– total of 500 flight hours
– theoretical and practical tests

Instruments  Rating
Essential for flying at night time and in tough visibility conditions.

 – pilot’s  license
– total of 125 flight hours, 35 of them in navigation training.

Training Plan:
– minimum of 20 practical hours
– 20 simulator hours
– theory course
– theoretical and practical tests with CAA examiners

Multi Engine Rating
For flying bigger and faster planes and a step towards an airline pilot career.

 – pilot’s  license

Training Plan:
– minimum of 10 practical hours
– theory course
– theoretical and practical tests with CAA examiners