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Flying above Israel

A totally different way to explore Israel – take your family and friends for a special trip – an amazing activity for holidays, tourists and a unique gift for any occasion. Experienced and professional pilots will give you an interesting brief before take-off. The flight above the Israeli landscape is accompanied by explanations and stories and the view of Israel is nothing you have seen before. Including a DVD as a souvenir of your flight.


Flights for Groups

Moonair has a large fleet of 15 planes .The flights will take place in rounds – each plane with 1 pilot + 3 passengers, each flight will continue 20 minutes.

The activity for groups include:

– Interesting brief about flying and aircraft control

– 20 minutes flight including explanations

– visit in the control tower

– refreshments

– t-shirt or hat as a souvenir

This activity is suitable for groups of children or adults up to 100 participants.